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Page six: It's not erotic licking!

Annie Felis:
The Pseudo Angel

March 9, 2004
Eh, shaddap. I know.
The latest page is up after what...ten months? Whatever. There it is. Whoop-dee-doo! In all honesty, I probably could have gotten the page up sooner. It sat in my KR folder for a good seven months or so, half-inked and ignored. Well, better late than never. I've gotten a little better with tonage now, and have improved the frames. No more stinky thick black line, yay! Also I drew in the speech bubbles by hand, instead of doing them in photoshop. They're kind of crappy now, but I'll get the hang of it.
In other news, so much stuff has happened it's insane. I finally insured my car. I moved to Rochester. I decided to be a freelance artist (or at least see how it goes). A bunch of my friends got married. I turned 25. My boyfriend turned 30. Christmas came and went. So much has happened, I don't think I can possibly re-cap.
I added a links section, although right now the only link up belongs to Flipside. Brion's a cool guy, and he has a cool comic too, so it's only appropriate he's the first link up there. I have banners for other comic sites I haunt/frequent, so I'll probably get them up soon. Also, I'll post all the scenereo sketches that I do for Kefkaroth along with the character designs/profiles/sketches. Some of them are downright scary, but then again it's a way to see how things change from sketchbook to comic. That'll be up in a link on the sidebar soon. I'll also be trying to clean up the layout because it just downright sucks. The php is bitchin' cool spiffy, but that lame banner at the top makes me cringe. Now if I don't do these things, don't come knocking on my door demanding I get off my ass. They'll get done eventually, in between the time I spend writing fanfics, doing artwork and playing games like Suikoden. Mmm, Suikoden.

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