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pseudo angel: the art and fanfiction of Annie Felis
v. 1.0: tainted angel

meeeeeee 10:12:03 --The broken links (more like the last few pages I had to write) in the art section are done, so the whole section is up now. Don't expect me to do anything with the oekakibin directory, since I have way too many pictures in there. I haven't added the latest chapters of Lunar Cycle yet, but expect that to randomly happen soon. I added another midi collection to the mewsik section, along with a bunch of soundtracks in .spc and .psf format, and both ZDspc and a .psf plug-in for Winamp. Please don't abuse these soundtracks even though they're small in size. If you do, your IP will be permenantly banned, no more .psf files, end of story. On a random note, I need to re-draw the picture of me on this page. Gwah. T_T


Art section completed, midi, psf and spc files added to mewsik directory, links added

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