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pseudo angel: the art and fanfiction of Annie Felis

Here be stuffs I wrote. It's all fanfiction right now, but there will be original things added eventually.

Rebirth --My first all-out fanfiction book, and the first in my FF6 Online Series. The Returners have done their best to settle and rebuild their lives after Kefka, but the promise of a new form of magic draws thier attention. When Terra herself becomes a victim of this powerful new force, the group is pulled together to not only puzzle out this new magic, but to also try to reclaim their friend.
[FF6/prologue, 11 chapters, epilogue, notes/adventure/completed]

Kohlcreme and Cleavage --A re-written bit of FF6, completely de-Woolsefied and spruced up for better character development. It's the scene where Celes and the Figaro brothers find Setzer at the bar in Kohlingen, and they try to get him to rejoin them in their fight; a bit of Setzers thoughts before they enter too.
[FF6/short story/drama/completed]

The Treasure Hunter --A short fic about how Locke first met Edgar. My very first FF6 fanfic.
[FF6/short story/drama/completed]

Esper --The autobiography of the esper Tritoch, and his tellings of how he came to be, and how he became involved with the War of the Magi.
[FF6/7 chapters/adventure/incomplete]

Lunar Cycle --My Skies of Arcadia book, perhaps the first in a series. When rumors of a hidden Black Moon lead Vyse and his crew to discover a mysterious young man named Aern, they must search for this hidden moon, the forgotten civilization beneath it, and perhaps even for the truth.
[Skies of Arcadia/prologue, 19 chapters/adventure-drama/incomplete]

Hopeless Yet Helpless --This fic is actually a joke. :P It's a re-written bit of roleplaying that went on between myself and my friend Noa. I was Vyse, she was Aika...and we were both laughing our asses off. So I wrote it into an uber-angsty thing to add to that humor value, just to amuse the two of us. Strangely enough, this is one of my fics that most people like.
[Skies of Arcadia/short story/romance-angst/complete]