title: the wanderer of time

medium: microns, prismacolor pencils

Another Toki no Hourousha reference. Why did they call the song "Wanderer of Time" anyway? Terra doesn't travel time or anything. I can understand trying to be artistic with song lyrics (and oh, are they artistic), but why not make the title apply to the subject? ::snorts::Whatever. I took the translation and made new english lyrics that fit the song a lot better rhythm-wise. Here they are:

Transversing across the distant night
To cross the desert's sea of sand
The god's voices are lost echoes
Their people remain...forgotten.

Shadows flicker softly, then they stand motionless
For only one moment...illusions.
A hero's waking dream, burning brightly
The forgotten people sleep forever.

Transversing across the distant night... Ahh-ahh-ahh

Yes, ahh-ahh-ahh. If you've heard the song, you'd know what I was talking about.